"Parent" means a parent or legal guardian who will be responsible for the payment of the fees and who is the contracting party to this contract.
"Henry Lamb Tennis" means the company Henry Lamb Tennis with who you have entered into the agreement with.
"Camp" means the Henry Lamb Tennis camp described on our website.
"Club" means the Henry Lamb Tennis club described on our website.
"Coach" means the individual(s), contracted or employed by Henry Lamb Tennis to teach the Camp and Clubs.
"Fee" means the monetary cost per camp, whose details are specified by the Parent when booking.
"Programme" is the coaching schedule.
"Session" refer to camp and club coaching periods.
"Terms" means the terms and conditions set out in this document and any special terms and conditions agreed in writing by Henry Lamb Tennis and the Parent.

General: These Terms and Conditions (and any document referred to in them including the Confirmation Correspondence) contain the entire agreement ("Agreement") between you and Henry Lamb Ltd and supersede any prior agreement between us relating to their subject matter. Nothing in this clause shall limit or exclude any liability for fraud.

Obligations of Henry Lamb Tennis: Henry Lamb Tennis will endeavour to provide a service to you with reasonable care and skill. Your children's safety and enjoyment are our prime concern. We want to ensure that they have a good and fun learning experience in a safe environment.

Bookings and Payments:  Bookings can be made via telephone, website or at the premises before the start of the session. Once a booking is received, confirmation and a receipt will be sent via email to your specified address. Henry Lamb Tennis is not liable for the delivery failure of any receipts sent to incorrect email addresses and failed delivery. Bookings are made on the understanding that any participant may be photographed and/or filmed for any publication or production relating to our programmes. Henry Lamb Tennis only accepts debit or credit card (not Amex) payments, ideally through our website. No cheques or cash will be accepted under any circumstances.

Cancellation: Henry Lamb Tennis will issue credit notes when a session is completely washed out. Camps will continue with a wet weather programme in the event of the courts becoming unplayable. Sessions missed for any personal reasons or illness cannot be refunded. We do allow a cancelled session to be transferred to a friend or credited to the client's account however an account credit does have an expiry of the end of the next school holiday period. Players can leave the programme early but no refunds will be given unless exceptional circumstances at the discretion of Henry Lamb Tennis. Henry Lamb Tennis will aim to provide 'make up' sessions for Clubs that have continually been affected by bad weather. Henry Lamb Tennis will always try to fulfill the requirements given on your booking request, but we reserve the right to alter or cancel any sessions.

Replacement Coaches: Henry Lamb Tennis will do its utmost to ensure that continuity with Coach is maintained however on occasions replacement Coaches will stand in when the regular team is not available.  

Discipline: In the event that Henry Lamb Tennis determines the behaviour of the child to be unacceptable, Henry Lamb Tennis shall be entitled to exclude the child from the Camp or Club permanently or for such a period as Henry Lamb Tennis shall (in its entire discretion) determine.

Liability: If you have a complaint you must inform Henry Lamb Tennis of that complaint within 24 hours of the occurrence that gave rise to it by sending an email to henry@henrylamb.co.uk

Private Arrangements: You are permitted to make private arrangements for coaching with coaches introduced by us. This is to be organised directly with the Coach and Henry Lamb Tennis takes no responsibility whatsoever for these Sessions.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction: This agreement (and any non-contractual obligations or dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with it or its subject matter) shall be governed by English law and parties hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.



General information 

About us: Henry Lamb Tennis is a trading name of Henry Lamb Limited (a company registered in England & Wales under no. 07921392) whose principal place of business is at 12 Emu Road, Battersea, London SW8 3PR (the ‘Company’, ‘us’ or ‘we’).  The Company is in the business of professional tennis coaching for individuals and groups.

About the Residential Camp: The Henry Lamb Residential Camp in Dorset (the ‘Residential Camp’) provides a unique opportunity for children aged 8 to 13 to develop their tennis skills and experience boarding away from home.  Each Residential Camp is of five day’s duration inclusive of travelling days.  Children attending a Residential Camp will be accommodated at The Old Malthouse and will, during their stay, be under the care of Henry Lamb and the boarding and teaching staff.  The Old Malthouse is situated at Langton Matravers, Swanage BH19 3HB.  Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included in the price for the Residential Camp.

A typical itinerary will be provided by The Company.

Activities on offer include tennis coaching, Coasteering, Kayaking, team games and arts & crafts, as well as a visit to local heritage sites.  These activities are included in the price for the Residential Camp.  Please inform us in advance of travel if there is any activity or activities in which you prefer that your child does not participate.

Emergency contact: If you need to make direct contact with your child during their stay the UK mobile telephone number for Carly Lamb 07715 459 236. 

Booking: Registration & Consent forms are distributed by a SurveyMonkey questionnaire or by contacting us by phone on 020 7498 7614 or by email to enquiries@henrylamb.co.uk.

Terms and conditions

These terms and conditions apply to the contract (the ‘Contract’) that will exist between the Company and the person named on the online booking form (you’) when we have accepted your booking and initial payment.  We will send confirmation by email when we have accepted your booking and initial payment.

Communications with you: All correspondence and communications from us concerning the Contract will be with you and by submitting the online booking form to us you accept these terms and conditions and confirm that you have parental responsibility for the child (‘your Child’) named on the booking form.

Initial payment: An initial payment per child equal to 20% of the price for the Residential Camp is payable at the time of booking.

Payment of the balance: The balance of the price is payable to us in full no later than 3 months prior to the start date of the Residential Camp booked (or by such earlier date as is specified in the booking form).  Payment of the balance must be made by debit or credit card.  If payment is not made by the due date, we reserve the right to cancel your booking and make a cancellation charge at the appropriate rate.  If your booking is cancelled because you have not paid the full price by the due date, we will notify you.

Price revision: The price of each Residential Camp is inclusive of value added tax (‘VAT’) at the rate applicable at the time of going to print.  The price is subject to surcharge in the event that the Government increases the rate of VAT after that date provided that no price increase will be made:

(a)             during the period of 30 days before the departure date; and

(b)             unless the VAT increase results in a price increase exceeding 2% of the price for the Residential Camp booked.

In the unlikely event that the Government decreases the applicable rate of VAT, the difference will be refunded to you.  We will notify you in writing (by ‘Surcharge Notice’) of any price upwards or downwards price revision.

If any VAT increase results in the price for the Residential Camp increasing by more that 10%, you will be entitled to cancel and obtain a full refund.  If you wish to exercise your right to cancel for this reason then you must do so within 14 days from the date of the Surcharge Notice.

Insurance: You are required to take out an policy of holiday insurance to ensure that your Child is fully covered for the full period of the Residential Camp against all risks (including those arising from participation in activities organised by us as detailed in the Residential Camp timetable) such as delay or abandonment, curtailment of activities, unexpected cancellation charges, personal accident, medical and other expenses, loss of luggage, loss of possessions, loss of money and personal liability.  It is your responsibility to ensure that the insurance you purchase provides adequate cover.  You are required to confirm that you will arrange your own travel insurance.

Changes made by the Company: We fully intend to provide those arrangements that we agreed to provide under bookings that we have confirmed. However, we reserve the right to alter or cancel any activities, accommodation or other arrangements, if operational, weather or other considerations make this necessary or desirable.

Where, before the departure, we alter significantly an essential term of the Contract, we will notify you so you can decide whether to withdraw from the Contract without penalty or to accept a rider to the Contract specifying the alterations made and their impact on the price.  Except where the change is due to circumstances beyond our reasonable control (including but not limited to war, riot, civil commotion, act of God, industrial dispute, Government action, epidemic, disease, adverse weather or natural disaster), if we make a substantial change to your holiday within 6 weeks of start date of the Residential Camp booked by you, compensation may be paid in accordance with the following table:

42 to 22 days           5% of holiday price

21 to 8 days             10% of holiday price

7 days or less           25% of holiday price

In the event that, after departure, we exercise our right to alter or cancel any activities, accommodation or other arrangements such that a significant proportion of the services agreed to be provided are not provided then we may, to the extent possible (in the Company’s opinion), make suitable alternative arrangements at no extra cost to you or, if we take the view that we are unable to offer an alternative that is sufficiently comparable, you may be offered a refund of all or part of the price.  However, please read the paragraphs below under the heading ‘Our responsibility’ which limits our liability in certain circumstances. 

Cancelation by you: If you cancel your booking, for any reason, the cancellation charges set out in the table below will apply:

Number of days notice prior to the start date of the Residential Camp (calculated from the date on which the Company receives written notice of your wish to cancel) Cancellation Charge
(calculated as a percentage of the total price for the Residential Camp booked)
Over 90 days 18%
89 to 60 days 36%
59 to 45 days 50%
Less than 45 days 100%

Complaints procedure
: If there is any problem with the Residential Camp or any matter about which you wish to complain, then please either ask your child to raise the matter with Henry Lamb or one of the boarding or teaching staff without delay or make immediate contact with the Company so that we can endeavour to find an appropriate solution promptly.  If for any reason a problem cannot be resolved to your satisfaction locally, you should forward details of your complaint in writing direct to the Company at its principal place of business specified above within 28 days of your Child’s return from the Residential Camp.  Any such complaint will be investigated thoroughly and every endeavour will be made to resolve the matter promptly and amicably.

Our responsibility: We accept responsibility for those elements of the holiday arrangements which are under our direct control, and for the acts and/or omissions of our employees, agents, subcontractors and suppliers.

We accept responsibility for any personal injury or death arising as a result of the proven negligence (within the meaning of that word in English Law) of any servant or agent, or any supplier, working on our behalf in the provision of services or facilities to you and whilst acting within the scope of their employment.  Except as set out in the preceding sentence of this paragraph, we cannot accept liability for personal injury or death.

Further, we do not accept liability for any air or sea carriers whose own conditions of carriage apply and are often subject to international conventions.  Nothing in these terms and conditions surrenders any exclusion or limitation of liability which may apply in accordance with any international convention or any law which governs any services to be provided under the Contract.  We do not accept responsibility for the failure or inability of any equipment or computer programme to recognise or correctly interpret or process any date as the true or correct date, or to continue to function correctly beyond that date.

We cannot accept responsibility for the loss of enjoyment or additional expenses due to delays or changes in any travel arrangements or other services which are caused by circumstances which we cannot control or the consequences of which cannot be avoided even if we take all due care. Such circumstances include (but are not limited to) war, riot, civil commotion, act of God, Government action, epidemic, disease, natural disaster, industrial dispute or adverse weather conditions.

We cannot accept responsibility for any damage caused by the failure to perform the Contract or the improper performance of the Contract where such failure or improper performance is attributable to: (i) you or your Child; or (ii) a third party unconnected with the provision of the services contracted for, and are unforeseeable or unavoidable.

We shall not be liable in respect of any loss of profits, damage to goodwill or any type of special, indirect or consequential loss even if such loss was reasonably foreseeable or we have been advised of the possibility of you incurring the same.  Subject to the above, and excluding liability for death or personal injury, our liability shall be limited to £5,000 (five thousand pounds sterling) in respect to any one claim.

Your responsibility: You are responsible for informing us in writing in advance of the following information about your Child: (i) any special dietary requirements; (ii) any allergies; (iii) any medication being taken and details of daily dosage and administration; (iv) any medical or physiological issues, including any congenital complaints, illness, disability or medical condition that might affect your Child’s enjoyment of the Residential Camp or ability to participate in any activity (for example asthma, eczema, epilepsy); (v) any social or behavioural problems that might affect your Child or others during the Residential Camp; (vi) swimming ability (children participating in swimming or other water based activities should be confident in the water and able to swim 50 meters unaided).  You should inform us in writing in advance if your Child has been in hospital for any reason within the 6 months prior to booking.

We may request written confirmation from your Child’s GP or another appropriate professional confirming the suitability of the Residential Camp for your Child with particular reference to matters such as social compatibility, physical access, participation and health and safety.  We will treat any personal information sensitively and respect confidentiality. We are continually working to enable as many children as possible to enjoy our Residential Camp experience, but we may occasionally be unable to provide the services required and in such cases, we will refund any initial payment made by you.

We reserve the right to exclude or refuse your Child at any time prior to or after the start date of the Residential Camp if important personal details have not been fully declared and/or if, in the Company’s reasonable opinion, your Child’s behaviour is not compatible with the general enjoyment and wellbeing of others.  In such circumstances, you will be responsible for the expense of collecting your Child and, in addition, for any costs for damage and other expenses incurred.

Your Child will be expected to conform to the Residential Camp rules as set out in our Terms & Conditions.  Examples of behaviour that we may deem inappropriate include: (i) buying or consumption of alcohol; (ii) leaving the site unless accompanied by a member of staff; (iii) using, supplying or suspected involvement with illegal drugs; (iv) smoking (v) entering accommodation used by the opposite sex; (vi) theft or illegal activities; (vii) threatening behaviour, bullying, offensive or insulting language to other children, staff or any other person (viii) anti social behaviour affecting other children’s enjoyment of their holiday; (ix) leaving rooms after lights out without a legitimate reason; (x) deliberate damage to another’s property or tampering with safety systems (such as fire extinguishers or alarms).

Your Child’s personal property, including baggage, is your own responsibility at all times, unless any loss or damage is due to our negligence or failure to carry out our responsibility.  Please ensure that all expensive or precious items are adequately insured against loss or damage under the insurance policy you purchase.

Data Protection: The personal information you provide to us at the time of booking and subsequently will be held and processed in paper form and electronically (i.e. held on computer) is used to enable our employees, agents, sub-contractors and suppliers to provide the Residential Camp in accordance with the Contract.  We will use the personal information you provide to: (i) provide the services included as part of the Residential Camp; (ii) process your payments for the Residential Camp; and (iii) inform you about similar products or services that we provide, but you may stop receiving these at any time by contacting us.  You agree that we may pass your personal information to credit reference agencies and that they may keep a record of any search that they do.  You agree that we may pass personal information (including sensitive personal data) relevant to your Child our employees, agents, sub-contractors and suppliers and, in case of medical need, to any qualified medical practitioner, hospital staff or other appropriate person.  We will not, without your consent, give personal data relevant to your Child to any other third party.  By providing us with the information, you are deemed to consent to the above and to have gained consent from all relevant persons to disclose their details to us.

Law and jurisdiction: The Contract is governed by English Law and any dispute will be dealt with under the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.

Disclaimer: These details are published in good faith in May 2017.  The Company’s brochure is the responsibility of Henry Lamb Limited and is not issued on behalf of any other centres used by Henry Lamb Limited.